Sign Up Genius

Here a quick recap about how things work:
Each week our volunteers work hard to make pairings and assure matches go smoothly. Please read below about what to do if you cannot make a match.
We have set up Sign up Genius for our club as a way for parents to indicate whether or not their child will be wrestling. Each week you will receive a Sign Up Genius link via email. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as a parent is to log on using the Sign up Genius link and check YES or NO for your child’s name.
     -If you know that your child WILL NOT be attending the upcoming weekend match, upon getting the email for Sign-up Genius, log on and check NO for your child’s name. The DEADLINE to report attendance will be by 9 pm Wednesday preceding the Sunday Match.

UGH….-SCRATCHES!!!! – If your child becomes ill or a family emergency arises after that 9 pm deadline up until the Sunday morning arrival time please call or text Marie Hamilton 540-272-5449.

    – NO SHOW and NO CALL- Failure to make contact about your child not wrestling throws a huge wrench into already made up matches and delays start time. Failure to show and not call may result in not being allowed to wrestle the following Sunday.
    –Arriving ON TIME- is also very crucial. If you are late, your child will be scratched and their matches reassigned to wrestlers who are there on time. If you are running late due to unforeseen circumstances, please call or text Marie Hamilton 540-272-5449 before the designated arrival time. Repeated late arrivals may also result in a wrestler not being allowed to wrestle the next week.
Thanks to all of our parents who go the extra mile to make sure we keep on schedule.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.