Sign Up Genius

Each week our excellent team of volunteers works hard to make sure matches go smoothly. Please read below about what to do if you cannot make a match.
Here a quick recap from Mandi Wenner about how Scratches work:
John Bishop has set up Sign up Genius for our club as a way for parents to respond on whether or not their child will be wrestling. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as a parent is to log onto Sign up Genius and check your child’s name only if they ARE NOT wrestling!
The problem is when no contact is made about your child not wrestling that throws a huge wrench into already made up matches and delays a start time to around  30-45min.
     -If you know that your child WILL NOT be attending the upcoming weekend match, upon getting the email for Sign-up Genius, log on and check your child’s name. DEADLINE to report a scratch will be by 11:59pm Thursday preceeding the Sunday Match. If you have not checked your child’s name then it will be considered that your child will be wrestling and will therefore be assigned matches.
    – If your child becomes ill or a family emergency arises after that 11:59 pm deadline and between Sunday morning arrival time. First, you log on and check your child’s name and then YOU CALL ME, here is my number again, 540-931-4256. I am your person of contact. The sooner I know the better it is.
    – NO CALL and NO SHOWS- Failure to not call and not show will result in your child not wrestling the following Sunday. It takes no more than 5 minutes to log onto Sign up Genius and make a phone call! It’s unacceptable and ends up costing the whole team and other teams wrestling, delayed start times when you fail to communicate.
    -Arriving ON TIME, is also very crucial. Everyone was either given or emailed a schedule. Therefore, you know where we will be, what time you are supposed to be there, and how long it will take you to get there. If you are late, your child will be scratched. Please call me if you get stuck in traffic or an act of God occurs and you are held up in your travels. Again, my number is 540-931-4256.
Thanks to all of our parents who go the extra mile to make sure we keep on schedule.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.